Will To Power: Electronics II @ 7er Club, Mannheim, 2016.06.17.-18.

Will To Power: Electronics II @ 2016.06.17.-18., 7er Club, Mannheim

Day #1 – 2016.06.17, Friday
Am Not (UK), Nordvargr (SE), GRIM (JP), Ramleh (UK)

Day #2 – 2016.06.18, Saturday
KE/HIL (DE), Linekraft (JP), Puce Mary (DK), Control (US), GRIM (JP)

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Will To Power: Electronics 2 was a two day mini-festival, which represented every aspect of the power electronics and industrial scene, from the harshest, noisiest acts thru the more dark ambientish ones to the back-to-basic ritual industrial of Japan’s GRIM. The double performance from the later was clearly the highlight of the event, but the rest of the acts were also truly great, so thanks a million to the people behind Tesco Organisation, who put it all together! By the way, the festival took place in Mannheim, the headquarter of Tesco, in the 7er Club, which turned out to be a perfect place for this event with great lights and most importantly, amazing sound quality… you could clearly hear even the most distorted, trembling, earth shattering basslines.

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